Painting by Gerd Altmann of the signing of the US Constitution.

2020 Constitution Day Events

To mark the day, a number of virtual presentations will occur during September. All events are open to the public.

MONday, September 14

Constitutional Law I Class

An Illegal Constitution?

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Was the creation of the U.S. Constitution illegal? What implications does that question have for today?

Many have argued that the Framers at the Constitutional Convention violated their instructions from the Continental Congress, the state Constitutions, and the Articles of Confederation. If these scholars are right, does the fact that the Constitution was ratified by “the people” excuse or justify these irregularities? If the answer is yes, that opens up a whole new series of questions about whether the Philadelphia convention sets a precedent for repeating a similarly revolutionary act today.

Join Professor Joshua Braver’s Constitutional Law class to reflect on all these questions and more on our annual Constitution Day celebration.

Wednesday, September 16

Washington’s Heir: The Life of Justice Bushrod Washington 

Join the virtual discussion from 10 to 11 am

Professor Gerard N.Magliocca
Samuel R. Rosen Professor of Law
Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Indiana University

Constitutional Resources
Constitution of the United States

Produced by the National Archives and Records Administration, this site includes a transcript of the Constitution, images of the original document and other facts and background information.

Teaching with documents: observing Constitution Day

Also produced by the National Archives and Records Administration, this site offers activities, lesson plans and other information for teachers and students at all levels.

National Constitution Center: Constitution Day

This site is produced by the National Constitution Center, and provides more information about Constitution Day along with activities, lesson plans and other resources.

Center for the Study of the American Constitution

This non-profit, non-partisan center is dedicated to serving scholars, educators, and students who are interested in the American Constitution in its historical context.

President George W. Bush signed a bill on December 8, 2004 (Public Law 108-447) that designates every September 17 as Constitution Day. All institutions of higher education that receive federal funding are required to prepare a program to inform students about the U.S. Constitution.